Install Your New Fireplace Just About Anywhere With Our Prefabricated Zero Clearance Fireplaces

Let’s face it: a masonry fireplace that’s built onsite, brick by brick, isn’t always the most affordable and convenient option — or even an option at all. Some spaces simply don’t have the room or the footing to support a heavy masonry fireplace and chimney — and even if they did, material and labor costs can quickly add up.

But if a masonry fireplace isn’t right for your home, does that mean you have to go without? Not anymore. Here at Traditions Chimney Sweeps, we’re proud to offer our customers the finest prefabricated zero clearance fireplaces from BAC Fireside Group and Napoleon.

What Is A Prefabricated Fireplace?

A prefabricated fireplace (also sometimes called a factory-built fireplace) is a fireplace system that’s built in factory, brought to the home, and installed. These fireplaces are made of lightweight materials — often designed to resemble natural materials like brick, stone, tile, etc. — so they make it possible to enjoy a fire in rooms and areas of your home where it would otherwise be impossible to do so.

Because materials are lightweight and fabricated to resemble natural stone, brick, etc., with a prefabricated fireplace, you enjoy lower material and labor costs, and you get the look you love, without worrying about footing or dollar signs.

Wall torn out and new insert ready to go in.
Nick and Chris standing in front of a prefab installation.

What Does Zero Clearance Mean?

Zero clearance fireplaces are fireplaces that can be installed in tighter spaces, with virtually zero clearance from combustibles. That means these can go almost directly up against flammable materials, like wood, walls, framing, etc., so if spacing has always kept you from installing the fireplace of your dreams, you can finally have it all.

Are Prefabricated Fireplaces Reliable & Long Lasting?

It’s natural to wonder just how reliable and durable a prefabricated fireplace is in comparison to a masonry fireplace. But just because they’re made in factory doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice longevity and reliability. No, these units won’t last as long as a well maintained masonry fireplace, but they will provide years of service if taken care of.​

The most common reason we replace prefabricated fireplaces is that parts fail and they’re not always available years after installation. And because all of the components in a prefabricated fireplace system are tested and listed for use together, not just any replacement part will do — it has to be manufacturer approved. If the manufacturer goes out of business or stops making those parts, an entirely new fireplace will be needed when parts fail.

As far as reliability goes, prefabricated fireplaces can actually be more reliable than masonry fireplace systems because you’re not relying on the design knowledge and skill of a mason. As long as your prefabricated fireplace system is installed exactly as directed by the manufacturer, it should work exactly as promised by the manufacturer.

Prefabricated Chimney With Stainless Steel Chase Cover.

We Remove & Replace Prefabricated Fireplaces, Too!

Has your prefabricated fireplace reached the end of its service life? Don’t worry, if you need to have your prefabricated fireplace removed and replaced, we can take care of that for you too, quickly and without making a mess in your home.

Stop Dreaming — You Can Have The Fireplace You Long For

Have you always dreamed of adding a wood or gas fireplace to your home? Stop dreaming and call Traditions Chimney Sweeps at 240-801-5626. We’re proud to sell and install the very best the industry has to offer.

From appliance selection to installation, we’re your trusted partner. We’ll even show you how to use your new fireplace and get the most enjoyment from it over the years. Call or request an appointment online today for honest, professional service you can count on.


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