Chimney Leaks — What To Do & How To Stop & Prevent Them

A leaky chimney is always bad news, but the sooner you identify the problem area and make repairs, the better. The problem is, it’s not always obvious what’s causing your chimney to leak or what you can do to prevent leaks from springing up in the first place. We’re here to help.

We repair and prevent chimney leaks for our neighbors in Montgomery County, MD and the surrounding areas, and our team knows just what to do, so you don’t have to. Rely on our years of industry knowledge, expert training, and continuous education — with Traditions Chimney Sweeps, you’re in good hands.

What types of leaks do we repair? Most commonly, we address these issues:

Crown Leaks

Your chimney has a covering at the top (known as the crown), and this cement barrier is designed to prevent rainwater, snow, sleet, ice, and hail from entering the chimney stack. But as is the case with many outside structures, the crown can take a beating from Mother Nature over the years. Moisture erosion, age, and temperature shifts can cause crowns to crack, flake, and wear thin, and when they do, they don’t do a good job of keeping water out of the rest of the chimney. That’s why repairs and rebuilds are sometimes needed.

Here at Traditions Chimney Sweeps, we repair and rebuild crowns using proven techniques and premier products. We even waterproof crowns to prevent crown leaks from springing up again in the future. Trust us to build or repair your crown right.

Leaky Chimneys - tall chimney with spalling with fields in the background.

Flashing Leaks

Sheets of thin metal flashing are installed and layered over the area where your chimney and roof line meet in order to prevent chimney leaks. Without this flashing, there would be spaces and openings between the roof and chimney that could allow moisture, small animals, and other undesirables to enter your home. But the problem is, sometimes flashing fails to keep things out.

Flashing won’t last forever if it’s made of weak, rust- and corrosion-prone metals. It will also fail prematurely if it’s installed improperly. Additionally, strong storms and loose branches and debris can dent or lift flashing, making it ineffective at keeping water out.

So what can you do? Call Traditions Chimney Sweeps. We repair and replace flashing and can even apply a waterproof sealant to your flashing for added leak protection. Our goal is to make it easy to keep your chimney and attic dry, and properly installed, high-quality flashing plays a big part in that.

Chimney Masonry Leaks

Moisture from rain, snow, sleet, and ice can be like kryptonite for your otherwise strong, impenetrable masonry. And the problem is, the more moisture your chimney is exposed to after it’s started to show signs of wear and tear, the worse things will get.

Minor damage like hairline cracks can grow and spread, eroded mortar joints can recede further and further back, and brick can flake, crumble, and even grow mold, algae, or mildew. Unattractive, yes — but what’s worse is that this damage and deterioration can significantly shorten the life of your masonry chimney.

What can you do?

Aside from investing in masonry repairs as soon as you notice damage, the best thing you can do is invest in chimney waterproofing. Here at Traditions Chimney Sweeps, we waterproof masonry chimneys with ChimneySaver water repellent, an environmentally friendly waterproofing product that’s sheer and sheen-free. This protectant and repellent provides a decade of protection against all kinds of water-related masonry damage, so you can enjoy your chimney for years to come, without worrying about design or structural degradation. It’s the best investment you can make into the health and longevity of your chimney!

Time to take care of that chimney leak once and for all? Let Traditions Chimney Sweeps help — call us at 240-801-5626 or request an appointment online today. We offer consultations and inspections, and with our CSIA-certified crew, you can rest easy.


Did you know that we provide smoke chamber repairs as a regular part of our chimney and fireplace services? Find out more when you call for an appointment.

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