We Also Maintain & Reline Furnace Flues & Utility Flues!

Most homeowners are well aware of the importance of regular maintenance and cleanings for their chimney and fireplace flue. However, many are not aware that their gas furnace or boiler requires similar annual maintenance to ensure it operates at maximum efficiency and safety levels. Luckily, Traditions Chimney Sweeps is your one-stop shop for all utility flue maintenance and relining in the Montgomery County, MD area!

The Cause & Effect Of A Damaged Furnace/Utility Flue

Furnaces are heavily reliant on smoke pipes and exhaust pipes to properly vent the byproducts of combustion, such as condensation and water vapor. Since these byproducts are acidic, they can corrode the liner and even cause deterioration on the masonry surrounding the flue pipe.

If not properly maintained, the liner could rust or even collapse over time. Liner deterioration and damage also leaves the entire furnace and boiler system unfit to use, while greatly decreasing its efficiency.

As far as the masonry is concerned, constant exposure to condensation from the appliance coupled with the freeze/thaw process leads to flaking and spalling bricks, mold or mildew, unsightly efflorescence stains, and leaks.

Modern middle- to high-efficiency boilers and furnaces are particularly hard on liners and the surrounding masonry because they produce an amount of condensation that is directly related to efficiency. The exhaust gases do not become water vapor until they enter the ventilation system, which is where the real complications start.

Why Relining Is Necessary

Furnace flues and utility flues should be relined for the following reasons:

  • If the flue liner or smoke pipe is damaged, deteriorating, or improperly sized, the furnace cannot properly and efficiently vent the byproducts out of your home.
  • A damaged or excessively large pipe also leads to drafting problems. The byproducts and condensation sit and cool in the chimney, which leads to pipe corrosion and increases the risk of exposure to carbon monoxide.
  • With a damaged or improperly sized and installed liner, you will also experience a decrease in furnace or boiler performance, as it is not venting as safely and efficiently as it could.

How It’s Done

The liner venting the furnace or boiler must be able to withstand constant exposure to high heat and corrosive elements. That’s why we only recommend stainless steel liners provided by Olympia Chimney Supply and National Chimney Supply. They are two of the most trusted names in the industry, and their products are guaranteed to last for years. They will resist corrosion, rust, and other deterioration caused by the hazardous byproducts produced by the furnace.

When it’s time to have your furnace flue relined, you can count on our professional staff to properly install and insulate the liner. We’ll identify the size and type of liner needed and make sure everything is done correctly.

Relining is not something you should try to do on your own, as improper installation can lead to severe health and safety hazards and decreased appliance efficiency.

Why Trust Your Furnace Flue Relining To Traditions Chimney Sweeps?

We want to offer each homeowner the highest level of service so they feel safe each time they use their appliance, and installation is an important part of that. You can count on us to make sure everything is properly fitted and installed to ensure your appliance is safe to use for years to come!

Each member of our staff must undergo annual certifications and trainings through organizations such as the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG), Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), and Mid-Atlantic Chimney Association to ensure we remain up to date with industry standards and codes. Because our customers’ safety is our biggest concern, we take this ongoing education and training very seriously, and never lower our standards for any reason.

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Stainless steel liners are one of the most versatile chimney relining options available today. Ask us more about it.

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