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We have such wonderful customers, and it feels so good when they express their appreciation for the hard work we do for them. We thought you might like to read just a few of the amazing things they have told us over the years.

“What a great job, and no mess!!  We’ve lived in our house for 23 years and the 3 chimneys have never been inspected and cleaned as thoroughly as Traditions Chimney Sweeps did for us.  They were able to show us the condition of our chimney with the use of a revolving video camera!  This company is very professional and very reasonably priced.  We would highly recommend them to others.”
S. Williams (via Facebook)

“Every year our Homeowners Association (HOA) does a very basic inspection of the properties within the community. Not meant to be punitive, our family takes this report and uses it in the general maintenance our of home in Crofton, MD. This year, our inspection report noted that our chimney cap and flashing was in need of attention – not surprising as we burn in our fireplace very frequently, but rarely attend to the mechanics of the chimney. In the years of our ownership, we have never attended to the chimney, completely unacceptable – I agree! Donna and I believe in small business and to that end  we contacted Traditions Chimney Sweeps LLC for an estimate. Chris and his team were amazingly professional, examined the chimney not just from the bottom, but climbed the roof and closely inspected all components up close and personal. Video documentation was performed, and a plan of action for a complete service was made. Chris and his team began work IMMEDIATELY! He didn’t brush me off and make another appointment – TYVEK suits went on, covers over shoes, and a ventilation system was used to keep our home contaminant free during the cleaning phase of the project. To further demonstrate his concern for safety, his crew was outfitted with the latest respirators ensuring the health of his whole team. The second phase involved complete replacement of the chimney cap and surrounding flashing. Chris gave us several options and price points to meet all budget constraints. We opted for top of the line stainless steel as it was a permanent solution, one that would stand the test of time. Measurements were made, and the parts were custom fabricated for installation on a follow up visit. Chris and his team were professional, detail oriented, and meticulously clean – which speaks volumes when dealing with dirty chimneys. I’ve included a picture of the final installation of our new chimney cap and flashing – it looks amazing! Thanks again Traditions Chimney Sweeps!”
I. StJohn (via Google)

“On time. Explained process and options. Answered all questions about current job and potential next steps. Great overall customer service and quality of work.”
T. Groeneveld (via Facebook)

“Excellent! Highly recommend. Will definitely be hiring every year.”
R. Thorpe (via Facebook)

“Traditions to the rescue! When I contracted with an HVAC company (one I like and had used in the past) to replace my furnace, they recommended a well-known chimney company to inspect the roof and provide an estimate for relining the chimney flue to get it up to WSSC’s new codes. This is to a furnace, not a fireplace, in a 70-year-old townhouse. Well, the day comes and it turns out the chimney company provided an estimate without ever inspecting the roof! The workers got up there and said there was nothing they could do; had never seen such a configuration. The HVAC company found Traditions and I contacted them. Everything Chris and his team did was just as described: communication, appointments, expectations, time needed to do the work. All met and exceeded! I would highly recommend them!”
E. Doherty (via Facebook)

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