We Can Use HeatShield® To Repair & Restore Your Chimney Liner Fast!

At Traditions Chimney Sweeps, we genuinely care about providing the highest-quality service and products to customers in the Montgomery County, MD area. That’s why we offer premier products and specialized services, such as the HeatShield® Cerfractory Flue Sealant System.

What is HeatShield®?

A faulty chimney liner makes it impossible for your family to safely enjoy and use your chimney system. There are options for relining your chimney system, such as stainless steel liners. However, if you want to repair your damaged clay tile liner, HeatShield® is oftentimes far and away the top option. It is a cerfractory flue sealant that can repair your clay tile liner in three different ways.

Traditions Chimney Sweeps graphic of Heatshield Joint Repair Application.

Joint Repair

Heatshield Resurfacing graphic missing mortar, spalling flue tiles, Gaps, cracks, and spalling.


Heatshield Cecure Sleeve-c relining system graphic.


  • Joint Repair – The joints are mortar areas that hold the chimney liner together. Over time, they can deteriorate, crack, and suffer damage due to the constant exposure to high temperatures and other byproducts of fire. As they deteriorate, they create a fire hazard because they allow embers to come into contact with flammable materials within the walls surrounding your chimney. In addition, they can allow hazardous gases, such as carbon monoxide, to escape the chimney, exposing your family to serious health hazards. If our professional technicians notice any damaged joints during an inspection, they can apply HeatShield® and use a foam applicator to spread it over the area and seal any damage.
  • Resurfacing – We can also resurface the entire chimney liner with HeatShield®. This is recommended when the damage is more rampant and affects the majority of the liner. During resurfacing, we start by creating a custom-fitted applicator plug. The plug is used to apply a prep coat to remove any dust and debris. Next, we apply the HeatShield® Flue Sealant to smooth the entire flue surface and cover up any cracks or holes.
  • Relining – If your chimney system is damaged beyond repair, we can use HeatShield® to reline the system. To start, we prep the flue and apply the sealant, bottom to top. Once the sealant is dry, we fit a ceramic and stainless steel mesh liner into the flue and apply the sealant again to insulate and seal it even further. This provides more support, while protecting your chimney from the hazards of high temperatures and byproducts of fire.

All three options provide 20 years of guaranteed service!

Don’t Wait Any Longer to Repair Your Chimney Liner — HeatShield® Makes It Easy!

If you are in the Montgomery County, MD area, let us handle all your chimney relining needs! We’re certified HeatShield® installers and can properly restore your liner and provide every other necessary chimney, fireplace, and masonry service you need. Give us a call at 240-801-5626 or schedule an appointment online today!


We can also reline your furnace or utility flue. We’ll take care of your every chimney relining need.

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