We Repair Smoke Chambers Throughout Montgomery County, MD

If your fireplace is not properly dispersing smoke out of your chimney, there could be a litany of problems within the system. One of the most common culprits is the smoke chamber.

If your smoke chamber is a threat or is causing your fireplace to have performance issues, rest assured, our team of professionally trained and certified technicians will use the latest products and equipment to ensure your smoke chamber is parged smooth.

What Is A Smoke Chamber, Why Does It Need To Be Repaired & How Is It Repaired?

What Is A Smoke Chamber?

Smoke chambers are located right above the firebox and below the chimney flue. They serve the very important function of funneling gas, smoke, and hot air safely up through the chimney and out of your home.

Why Does It Need To Be Repaired?

As you can imagine, the constant exposure to these harmful byproducts means smoke chambers are susceptible to structural breakdowns and other complications.

  • Soot, ash, and creosote build up in the chamber when it is not regularly cleaned, which creates a major fire hazard.
  • A cracked or poorly designed smoke chamber can cause smoke to build up in the chimney and flow back into your home. This causes a major inconvenience while also exposing you and your loved ones to harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide.
  • Cracks and openings in the smoke chamber can allow heat and hot embers from the fire to transfer to framing, which could start a house fire.

How Is It Repaired?

The most efficient way to repair a damaged smoke chamber is called parging. Parging is the process of applying a product that seals and smoothes (or reshapes) the surface of the smoke chamber and ensures your smoke chamber functions properly.

When applied, the product used covers cracks and fills holes while insulating the smoke chamber at the same time. It virtually eliminates your risk of any problems linked to a faulty smoke chamber.  

If we notice smoke chamber damage during an inspection or sweeping, we will take necessary steps to repair it using the state-of-the-art parging product known as Chamber-Tech 2000, which is UL tested and listed.

This highly insulating product is designed to stand up to years of abuse, so once repairs are made, you can be confident that your smoke chamber will be ready to effectively funnel smoke and byproducts up into the chimney flue and protect against heat transfer.

Graphic of smoke chamber with fire.
Graphics showing how the chimney works.
Traditions Chimney Sweeps after chamber-Tech 2000.

After Chamber-Tech 2000

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According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), faulty smoke chambers are the third leading cause of chimney-related house fires. Is your smoke chamber a fire hazard? Make sure it isn’t by having repairs made by the certified team here at Traditions Chimney Sweeps.

As a family-owned business run by career firefighters, our team performs all tasks in a thorough, honest, and professional manner to the highest standards. Don’t wait any longer to make repairs — give us a call at 240-801-5626 today or request an appointment online!

Interior view of a parged smooth smoke chamber.

Our chimney and fireplace repairs include tuckpointing and masonry repairs…whatever you need to keep your chimney looking good and working safely.

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