Forget About Stacking Wood & Hauling Ash — Switch To Gas With An EPA-Certified Gas Insert or Log Set

Have you had it with the wastefulness, smoke problems, and draftiness of your wood fireplace? Is your gas insert or log set well past its prime?

If you currently have a wood-burning fireplace, gas logs and inserts can be used to easily convert it to gas, so you can enjoy all the convenience and efficiency a gas appliance provides. And if you haven’t shopped for a gas insert or log set in years, you’re going to be blown away by the changes that have happened in the industry. It’s time to upgrade with a new gas log or insert from Napoleon or BAC Fireside Group.

Napoleon Vented Gas Log Set with rock surround and granite hearth. Victorian chair to the left.

Gas Logs VS Gas Inserts

You may be wondering: “Which is best for my home, a gas log set or a gas insert?” The answer depends on what you want from your hearth. While both can make enjoying a fire easy and effortless, they are different.

Gas Inserts

Gas inserts are like fireboxes that are installed in the fireplace and vented through the chimney, eliminating cold air seepage, downdrafts, and energy waste. Gas inserts can be great if you despise the look of your fireplace’s interior because of smoke stains, deterioration, or other unsightly issues, as the insert itself will cover up imperfections.

With a new gas insert, you’ll enjoy so much convenience, including remote control ignition and temperature and flame control. These can also work during a power outage, so when you need heat the most, you’ll have it.

Gas Logs

Long gone are the days of bulky, fake-looking logs, poor heat output, and unrealistic flame patterns and fires. Today’s gas logs are hand crafted and molded from real logs for the ultimate in realism. And flame patterns and heat output are better than ever. Whether you’re shopping for a white birch log set to be the cherry on top of your living room or you love the look of split oak, you’ll find just what you dream of right here.

Gas logs are affordable and can be quickly installed in the fireplace for a fast, effortless transition to gas. If your chimney is no longer working or you want to add the warmth and comfort of a fire to a room that simply doesn’t have a chimney, gas logs can be great because there are vent-free options and installation doesn’t require a lot of demo. However, gas logs won’t eliminate energy waste or downdrafts and will not typically put out as much heat as a gas insert.

We Carry Vented & Vent-Free Gas Appliances

When choosing a new gas insert or log set, you’ll need to determine whether you want something that’s vent-free, B-vent, or direct-vent. Here are the major differences:

  • Vent-Free — Vent-free gas appliances burn so efficiently that there should be minimal amounts of emissions and carbon monoxide coming from the appliance. For that reason, they do not need to be vented through a chimney or stove pipe, which can be great for smaller spaces and homes without chimneys. However, vent-free isn’t an ideal fit for people with respiratory problems or sensitive systems, and for safety reasons, you will want to make sure you have a CO detector nearby.
  • B-Vent —B-vent gas appliances are vented through the roof, but they take air for combustion from inside the home. This isn’t ideal for new, airtight homes, as there may not be adequate combustion air for the appliance, which could lead to CO poisoning and performance issues.
  • Direct-Vent — Direct-vent gas appliances have become incredibly popular because they eliminate heat loss through the chimney, keep downdrafts and cold air out of the home, and  significantly reduce carbon monoxide concerns. These appliances bring outside air in for combustion and use a separate venting pipe to remove emissions produced by the fire. Venting can be done through an existing chimney, a wall, or the roof, so installation options are virtually limitless.

Gas Appliances, Easy To Use & Easy To Maintain

It’s no secret that gas appliances are easy to use — push a button to start the fire and push a button to put it out — but are they easier to maintain as well? Yes!

While you’ll still need to schedule inspections every year and service from time to time, maintaining a gas appliance is so much easier than maintaining a wood appliance. There’s no prep work prior and no cleanup after — just pure relaxation and warmth.

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